This conference will feature discussions, presentations, workshops and tours, as well as plenty of informal and networking opportunities, addressing four key and inter-related themes:

COMMUNITY - What are the community's distinctive assets in leadership, culture, folklore, art, architectural design, pride and solidarity, resilience, skills, diversity, and more - that can be drawn upon to support, and in turn be supported by, sustainable tourism? How are communities managing strategically and innovating in these challenging times?

ENVIRONMENT - What do nature and culture, and overall ‘quality of life’ - the waters, the air, light, wildlife, flora and fauna, geology and landscapes, mystery, fragility and complexity, respite and relaxation, safety and tempo - offer in terms of informed and respectful strategic opportunities and challenges?

ECONOMY - How does one harness local and regional resources and assets - building upon strengths, tapping into the knowledge economy, cultivating local entrepreneurship and innovation, encouraging investment, engaging youth, luring the diaspora, and generating sustainable livelihoods - to achieve a wholesome and holistic approach to rural tourism and rural development?

EXPERIENCE - What are the relevant experiences in sustainable rural tourism development for small, often remote, communities? What are the indicators, the pointers, the cautions, the ‘blind alleys’, the opportunities and challenges, the costs and benefits? What ideas, lessons and practices can be taken home for reflection, adaptation and implementation?